Porsche 912e Race Project 2

Was tinkering around on the 912 project this weekend and got quite a bit accomplished. Depending on the flow through the shop this week, hoping to finish buttoning up the sheet metal and such and be ready for suspension.

One of the things we will be replacing are the weak stock sway bar mounts in the rear. These are known for getting beat up, and the thin metal bends easily, so while we are in there, they will get replaced.

I peeled this mount off, but didn’t get a picture. I’ll shoot some pictures of the upgraded mounts when I weld them in.

Since this is a 912e, it had the provisions for the 912 engine mounts inside the fender wells.

Bye bye. Both removed.

And in place of the 911 oil tank, was the motronic engine computer which we don’t need. Good news is the factory cutout is the same, and I really want to put a stock oil tank in this location to feed the engine.

And the entire rear suspension off the car.

Picture of the trailing arm mount that we will be relocating camber boxes to for the 930 trailing arms.

And the center section of the torsion tube cut out. We will be going to a full coilover setup, so no need for torsion bars. The reason we had to cut this out, was to make way for the 964 G50 transmission. There are a couple ways to go about a G50 install. Ideally an 87-89 G50, with the bell housing shortened goes in the easiest on the earlier engines. Since we are using the later, longer 964 g50 with the 993 motor, we had to go a little more drastic since we don’t want to shorten the bell housing due to some issues there with the starter, etc. This will give us plenty of room for the nose of the tranny (we will be doing a short nose conversion on that end of the transmission).

Then welding up some plates to close off the torsion tube. Welding is the easy part, cleaning up the welds is the not so fun part.

Even though the torsion tube is reinforced near the center from the factory, I tied the torsion tube into the roll cage for extra stability. I’ll close up the holes with some sheet metal so it looks seamless.

And also closed up a bunch of holes that had been drilled in the rear firewall as well.

Then it was time to start making plates to close off the front firewall area. Again, welding easy, cleaning welds not so quick. Some of these large holes are from where HVAC ducting passed through, some are holes for the wiring harness, relays, switches, the list goes on. I’ll only be using a few of the holes, so most will get shut. While I was knocking this out, Wes was grinding off the old mounting points for the diagonal bar on the roll cage so we can get the bar moved over and reinstalled so we will be finished with the cage. I also finally found the dead mouse that had been living in the front trunk…..Wes didn’t find it as amusing as I did……

And the front suspension off. I will need to peel the bushings off the front control arms and get the arms blasted and coated before reassembly. Hopefully I can track the guys down around the corner from the shop that have a mobile bead blaster, and slap this on a dolly and shove it outside so they can blast the fender wells and rear torsion area for me so we can get some of the surface corrosion off, and get some nice undercoating back on the car.

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