Porsche 912e Race Build

I’m not sure exactly what to title the build as, it won’t be a 911 IROC build like I normally have around here, we will blow right past a 3.0L RSR build….hmmmmm. The car will be wide, sporting a 335 tire in the rear. This means we need to go to 11″/13″ fenders. The suspension will be pretty insane. Why such a big tire? Well, because it will be sporting a Jake Raby 993 based 4.1L engine and a G50 transmission from a 964.

When the owner dropped it off, he also was bringing back his 4.0L Cayman built by my freind Jake Raby down in Georgia. The only disappointing thing was it was raining and I didn’t get a ride 😉 I bet that car screams! 355rwhp in a mid engine chassis. BAM!

But that isn’t our car to build, but this one is 🙂 This car was delivered in from Georgia where it has essentially sat for the last decade in a barn. It was originally built for SCCA rallycross, but at this point, was nothing more than a rolling stock chassis with a cage in it. This is a 1976 912e. In 76, Porsche decided to do one last run of the 912 which had not been available for a few years at that point. Likely to get rid of a lot of excess parts in addition to cobbling together some other stuff…kind of a Frankenstein car. They built the car off the same 911 chassis for that year, so for us, the build is essentially a 911 build.

I am usually pretty good at naming cars, but the only one that comes to mind right now after spending a few days stripping it is “Tetanus.” Don’t worry, it will earn a new name eventually I am sure.

It came complete with a lot of dust and dirt.

First thing to do was to get the car stripped down the rest of the way. HVAC was all removed which cleans things up a lot in the trunk.

Rotten dash cover was removed and the dash stripped down to the bare metal.

Then it was time to address they heavy doors. Since we have a cage, we don’t need any structural integrity, so I gut them down to the bare nuts. Cheaper than buying fiberglass doors, although we still sacrifice a few lbs per door even though we can get them really light this way.

These structural bars in the doors are very heavy.

So out they come along with any sound deadening. Edges will be cleaned up and finished nicely before paint.

Don’t need door locks, so I cut those down to just the door opening mechanism. This car is all about weight reduction.

The driver door was a little different story. Not sure why all this goo was in here like this, there wasn’t any bondo or body damage. That wasn’t that fun to get stripped out.

The cage, while very stout, was not legal for a few organizations due to the placement of the diagonal bar in the main roll hoop. The bar needs to be within 12 inches of the driver side (top connection), and we were just out side that. I cut the bar out and we will simply move it over where it needs to be.

A since the plasma cutter has been out a lot on this build, why not cut out some more stuff. Out goes the rear seat pan. There is actually a method to my madness here, as the rear pan isn’t all that heavy in the scheme of things.

Hole is getting bigger.

Hole is really big. The idea here is that I will be installing 930 rear trailing arms which are stronger and a wider offset. To do so, I need to relocate the inner mount back and up about an inch, and I will do that using camber boxes. This is required because the arm geometry is different with a shorter arm. The wider offset of the 930 arm is gained due to the bearing placement further outboard on the other end. When you install camber boxes, the rear pan needs to be modified or removed. These boxes will also allow us to change camber settings without affecting toe (typically on stock adjustment locations, if you adjust toe, camber will move also, and vis-versa). The replacement rear panel that will get fabbed up will have access doors to allow us to get to the camber adjustment bolt. Having the rear seat pan out temporarily will also allow me to cut, modify, and welded the torsion tube to allow fitment of the drivetrain much easier.

Here are the trailing arm mounts which will get relocated essentially.

And the front trunk area cleaned up finally . All wiring removed

Starting to look like a good starting point 🙂 Now it is time to order a lot of parts and get some of the major modifications to the chassis done before paint. Don’t worry, she won’t be brown for long 🙂

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