Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2L Project

We disassembled this car months ago and got it ready for paint and body work. 1986 911 Targa. The plan is a complete restoration/upgrade, then the car will get shipped overseas next summer for a summer vacation in Europe, then returned to the states when they are done vacationing! Pretty damn cool! Initial body work has been done, car is painted in primer, and now it is time to start the upgrades before putting it all back together 🙂

The engine and transmission were removed for complete rebuild.

And the engine bay prepped and painted for install. I’ll need to get the weight of the engine in so we can upgrade the suspension.

A load of parts. This is the Griffiths A/C upgrade. 4 condensors, an upgraded evaporator, new lines, and compressor.

And for oil cooling, all new lines, thermostat, and dual oil cooler setup.

Having the fenders out of the way gives us full access to the lines on the A/C and oil systems.

New front condensor installed. It is a slightly thicker unit with a better cooling loop design to be more efficient.

And new lines running to the new drier.

This old oil cooler is out of here and will be replaced with a new cooler, along with the same cooler on the driver side.

Access to the oil cooler lines is much better with the fenders off.

The rocker panels have been removed and we will go with the no rocker look 🙂

Old thermostat and lines.

Wheel well lines will be replaced with high clearance lines which will run up in the fenderwells further for tire clearance.

New lines and coolers starting to bolt in place. All of this stuff fits like socks on a rooster, so it will take a lot of adjusting.

And the motor/trans on the table ready for install.

And poof…..motor in the car.

And the thermostat installed.

Wes got the front suspension and torsion bars done last week, so it was my turn to knock out the rears.

Wes replacing the front strut inserts, ball joints, and torsion bars.

Upgraded hollow torsion bars going in the rear.

The old spring plate is removed, the rubber bushings removed (after much fighting as is normal), and will be upgraded to polybronze greasable bushings.

New bushings ready to go on.

One of the spring plates cleaned up.

The races need to be JB welded to the spring plate as they machine them slightly large for variances in the plates.

And everything installed. Off to the other side.

After that was done, I decided to tackle the evaporator upgrade and get the lines run up to the smugglers box.

Box removed from the car. Looks like someone has been smuggling acorns across the border….see what I did there…smuggler’s box.

I figured out why his A/C system wasn’t very effective, lol. The fan for the evaporator was 100% seized up. Melted the top of the evaporator housing box as well, so I have a replacement ordered before I can go any farther.

The new evaporator sits nicely in the bottom section.

Totally melted and distorted the top cover. Can’t even get the old blower motor out. Luckily I found a used box.

This is the rearward condensor mounted in the rear fenderwell. There will also be one mounted in the front of the rear quarter panel fenderwell where the torsion bar sits, but I want to get the ride height set before mounting that in case I have to reindex the bars.

And the best part of this project. Zuffenhaus fuchs wheels refinished in the RSR finish by Harvey Weidman who is THE fuchs RSR expert. I would love a set of these for the 964, but they ain’t cheap!

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July 22, 2014 at 6:41 AM

Love these projects! Thanks for posting.

Steve Jones

July 22, 2014 at 7:22 AM

Great write up on a very cool resto project!

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