Panamera Turbo S Upgrades

Had this 2013 Turbo S Panamera come into the shop because it wasn’t fast enough 🙂 There isn’t much I like better than making fast grocery getting sleepers. We threw a few minor mods at it to give it a little more pop, and a better sound, which came out great! Good customer of mine bought this car used with 7k miles. The original owner had bought this car and put 130k in options on it from the factory! Drove it 7k miles and sold it for half. What a bang for the buck for the second owner!

Straight out of Scottsdale 🙂 Been to this dealership before, and will be back next month for auction week!

First thing to do was in install a BMC air filter for better flow. The Panamera is a tight fit, so the front bumper has to come off to change the air filter 🙂

Then we threw an IPD plenum on for flow as well. The midrange hp gain with these plenums is pretty decent.

Then it was time for diverter valves as the stock units fail quite often. I was shocked to pull the bellypan and find this hose clamp off of the stock valve. This most definitely was causing a boost issue. Wonder if that is why the owner sold the car?

Forge valves with adjustable spring rates.

Then it was time to get rid of the waaaay too quite exhaust.

Note the sport button is mostly just a bypass to allow more air to the 2nd muffler tip. Decibel changes are about 4db between regular and sport.

For now we are going with a Fabspeed maxflo system. Depending on how the owner likes the sound level, we may also replace the resonators with a straight pipe in the future. The car has sound deadening windows, so getting a great sound in the cabin may take more than we think.

Buh bye.

And the Fabspeeds installed. The sound is very nice and deep, but mellow. We increased the exhaust note by about 10db with this setup. It sounds pretty wicked, you can hear it in the cabin, but not overbearing…..and I had a blazing headache when I tested it, and my head didn’t explode.

A light interior is always so beautiful…..I’d be too afraid to sit in it though on a regular basis! Stitched leather, painted panels, pretty incredible.

To finish it off we pulled the ECU and bench flashed it for some more power. All together we should make an easy 80hp increase with all the bolt on reversible changes. All I can say is that a 4 door sedan shouldn’t move this fast! Time to go eat some Mercedes!

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