Outlaw 356

Dec 29 2011 porschedoc 356 No Comments

This 356 had come in awhile back needing some finishing work. The engine was never tuned properly, so that needed to be done. The car also had lived its life as a race car and never had glass in it. The only thing left to do after the body had been painted was the install the front windshield….easy right?

We found out quickly that the windshield just flat didn’t fit. The driver side was short and the radius was not the same radius as the body. This was very odd. Then Marcus came by and gave us the full history of the car, and that it had been rolled a time or three and wasn’t exactly straight on the pillars. This is not good. We still haven’t come up with a solution for this yet, but my guess it is going to involve lexan.

The engine on the other hand was a bit easier. We found out quickly that we had a huge discrepancy in air flow between the right and left banks. These carbs had NEVER been tuned. The left bank had started out around 14 on the air flow meter, with the right bank flowing around 4. We were slowly able to bring them both in around 8.

We also discovered the carbs had the completely wrong jets in them as well after hooking up the air fuel meter. We have those on order and should have them in hand soon so we can finish the engine portion of this puppy.


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