Ooops, haven’t posted in awhile!

Time for another summary post! I have been tied up with projects and haven’t had time to get the blog updated.

Last week a freind brought over his track prepped S2. Extremely well set up car, but it was ready for a belt job and a few other misc. items to get it back up to par.

The patient on the operating table. Even though the belts only had about 9k miles on them, it had also been about 8 years since they had been done. Ouch!

After driving the car home, the driver’s side radiator fan was howling pretty loud, so it was time for a new motor.

The shop supervisor says get back to work!

New fan ready to go in.

Done waiting to be picked up. Tires multiply like rabbits around here…..We also made a few adjustments to the 944 Spec car after it’s first race with the new motor last weekend. It is currently at Putnum Park for a last race of the year!

Someone I think was looking for a place to have babies…..the garage seemed to be right up her alley until the shop supervisor came out. Then it became a not very good idea after all.

For awhile, the 944’s were multiplying like crazy.

This car was having a cold start issue once the temps dropped below about 55-60 degrees. Took a few mornings to get it to not start, but finally it gave up the ghost and decided to not start. Simple pair of reference sensors and it was taken care of.

Unfortunately, then the slave cylinder puked all over the driveway, so I had to replace that as well.

Last weekend was spent instructing the October DE at Heartland Park. FANTASTIC weekend, awesome weather, awesome students! Unfortunately I blew out the headgasket on the #4 cylinder on the dragon. I’ll get it back together here in the next few weeks as I have time.

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