Oil Cooler Relocation LSX

Took a little time this week to work on the oiling and cooling system on the Dragon. To get the car running and basic testing, I had slapped the radiator and the oil cooler in place with the oil cooler in front of the radiator which is not ideal for cooling. I took some sheet aluminum and sealed up all the gaps where air coming through the bumper might be able to go around the radiator which turned out well. Next I moved the oil cooler off to the side behind the passenger foglight bucket since they are not used. With a little simple bracket work, and test fitting with the bumper, I got it positioned where I wanted. To do so though meant I had to cut out the back of the foglight bucket to fit. No problem.

Cutting out the rear bucket for fitment. The cooler is angled to match the opening in the back of the bumper.

After a little cutting here and there, everything fits good.

Then to finish it off, I picked up some black small diamond mesh grill from custom car grills dot com. This is the same grill material that places like Rennline sell for their 996/997 bumper grills, they even sell the retaining clips etc, so I assume that is the source for places like that. One piece of material for 25 bucks, a little bending and fitting, and we have a little protection for the oil cooler. While I had the cover off, I painted up the splitter with plastidip since that was working well. Well, it isn’t plastidip, but rustoleums new version of plastidip (both can be acquired at home depot). Plasticdip has been popular for some time now, some people will spray their wheels with it to change color, or even their entire car. When you get tired of it, it simply peels right off. We’ll see how durable it is on a low hung splitter taking track debris.

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