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Random postings from around the shop. Over the last couple weeks, Wes has been busy playing with BMW M5 Vanos systems, Mustang Transmissions, and Cobra Engines! He doesn’t take many pictures because he loves working on these cars so much that he just can’t put down the wrenches for even a second! That’s dedication!

In preparation for the club race at Hastings, we needed to add some weight to the 964 C4. We added a bunch back in by adding the front tire back in, along with a hefty battery plate, but we needed a little more. A little ballast on the floor, and we took an old AC compressor and added some weight to it with a little heat and lead 🙂

Tonight I made a house call on the way home, a little Audi A3 in need 🙂 Turns out it just had a bad brake light bulb, but the odd symbol on the cluster was a bit confusing, lol. With the sun shining on the back of the car, it was hard to see which one. But you can’t fool Vag-Com!

A past Mercedes that Wes once owned was having an oil leak issue that was a bugger to figure out.

Turns out an extra long post on the back of the alternator and a bent dipstick tube made enough contact to wear through and cause the leak. Back up and running in no time.

Finished off the sunshine 996 with new tires in the rear and valves stems.

New tire goes on. We are mounting/balancing a ton of tires lately.

And some rough looking valve stems.

All the way to the cords

Also got the headers, flywheel, and pressure plate for the LSX project, so maybe I can start stuffing a motor in the car soon 🙂 Well, maybe once June has come and gone. Lots of track events this month.

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