Nissan GTR Secondary Oil Cooler Replacement RennsportKC

Yea, yea, I know. My camera was broken. 3rd time is a charm right? Actually I have been working on some other potentially big publishing projects currently, so that has taken away from the blog a bit.

Had the GTR in this week to fix a slight leak from the aftermarket secondary oil cooler that sits right in front of the driver wheel.

After pulling the oil cooler down to look at the fittings, I found we were very close to a complete blowout of the fitting. Very lucky to catch this early and not on the track. We tried a weld repair to seal it up, but that just wasn’t up to par, so the search for a replacement oil cooler was on. It appears that the oil cooler was supported by the bracket on the inside edge of the cooler, but the outside of the cooler was just hanging there supported by the oil lines. No wonder they cracked.

The problem was that the kit which was installed on this car uses an oil cooler from Cobb Tuning that is no longer available. Utilizing -10 JIC ports, it took some digging to find a replacement. JIC and AN fittings are actually completely interchangable in regards to thread/flare fitting, they will screw in no problem. The JIC is the industrial version of that style fitting, which is rated to higher pressures. Since we are only running 80lbs of pressure in an oil system, going to a -10 AN fitting was a suitable option. Finding an oil cooler with a -10 JIC fitting is nearly impossible for the size we needed. I found a nice setrab oil cooler to put in place and it was a direct fit. I also added a support bracket for the outside of the cooler so it was not hanging by the lines.

And everything bolted back up just in time for the next race event.

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