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Had the old GTR come into the shop last week for some repairs. She had a small failure at the track. 800hp tends to break things, including front axles 🙂

Up and ready to go. The car wouldn’t start after the axle let go, so we needed to figure out the issue.

Um…..Not pretty. And a real pain to clean up.

The problem with the axle breaking, is that it keeps spinning and takes everything out in the way. In this case, it broke the positive wire right off the starter. The scary part, was that the live 12v was laying against all that metal and somehow didn’t make contact with anything.

Old starter out of the car. The post broken clean off.

Dropping the lower control arm far enough out of the way to get the axle out.

Yup, it’s a mess. Time for a new axle.

And the new starter next to the old one. With axle out of the way, it was much easier to R&R. With it in, I can see this job not being a lot of fun.

And the new starter bolted into place.

And the new axle in place. While the power wire harness was ok, I found out after firing up the car that the oil return line from the turbo had a pin hole leak in it, so I had to do a repair on that line as well. A low pressure gravity feed back to the motor, so at least I didn’t have but a drip of oil on the ground.

And the front end buttoned back up.

Last winter I had noticed a pretty significant coolant leak on the backside of the driver cylinder head. It went to TX for some work over the winter and that was suppose to be repaired. Unfortunately, it got skipped. By now it was much worse, creating this weird coolant gelatin waterfall looking creation on the back of the motor. So I cleaned it up and tracked the leak to a hose on the back of the motor. Now the question was, how the heck to get to it?

And up here lies the answer.

Intake assembly off the car. After disassembling the backside of the motor through a tiny opening, I was able to get the one end of the hose off the motor. The other end I was able to reach up with both hands over the bellhousing and get that end off. The end result was coolant in my hair, then my armpits, then my shorts, and ultimately into my shoes. I am so happy we have a shower here at the shop, lol.

Hard to see, but it was a tiny pin hole in the line that was leaking.

And finally, during my pre event inspection, I noticed an oddball brake line. A S/S brake line had previously rubbed through and was replaced with an OEM rubber line as a last minute resort, possibly trackside. I ordered a new set of S/S lines and replaced this single line, making sure it was well out of the way of everything. Hard to see in the picture, but someone has used vise grips on the fitting, and over tightened it, which made removal nearly impossible.

And the new line in place. Finally, she is ready for the track!

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