Miata track rat brakes

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So the shops little track ho got pushed into emergency service by a good friend of the shop at our last track event.  He broke and needed a seat for the weekend.  She was sitting cold and alone in storage, had no prep, but he ran back to KC, grabbed track tires I already had mounted, and took off for the track.   As always she ran like a watch, he was happy as hell, and I got Bushmills out of the deal!   But as we were leaving sunday he says quietly “it needs brakes” in a very serious tone.

We had taken some weight out of this car and with about 93hp to the ground I never really worried about what pads we ran.  I always get asked “WHAT BRAKES ARE YOU RUNNING IN THAT THING?” Stock brakes with Wagner pads from O’Rielly’s, that answer always floors ’em.  Cost is about 30 bucks and end.  These pads had two years of combined street and track on ’em but Loveless put these babies in the grave!

I guess he got all the life outta those!

On brakes the little details make all the difference.  On no car is this more true than the Miata.   The rotors were fine (amazing when you look at the pads.)  The guide pins were beadblasted.  On this single pot floating caliper it is crucial that these stay clean, smooth and greased with synth brake caliper grease.  Otherwise braking force is decreased and pad wear is uneven.  Make sure the little springs that separate the pads get replaced.  When they are left out or tired the pads drag and wear early and uneven, car goes slow.  The Miata doesn’t need help with slow.  They look tiny and are easy to miss but they do a huge job.

You have to back off the rear pistons with an Allen (4mm.)  If you have a long allen like this it will snake right in there.  There are lots sites that will tell you how to delete this but if you use the right tool it is super fast and easy.  I kinda like it and have left it on this car.

btw- When I went to get the new pads I found out I have a lifetime warranty on them.  Who doesn’t love free brakes!

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