Mercedes GL350 Service

Had the tow vehicle in the shop last week for it’s big service to get ready for the season. Wouldn’t want the guys towing the chump car to break down! Oil change, transmission flush, fuel filter, rear brake pads/rotors, cabin filters, air filters, etc.

This was a big service to get everything ready for the year. Some things we do a little early as annual maintenance, and others were mileage due. The fuel filter was due to be changed which sits down in the valley of the engine.

Pulling the airboxes and plenum gives access to the filter, and also allows us to change the dual air filters which were due.

Then it was time to service the transmission. With a lot of tow miles on the rig, it was due for a fluid and filter service.

The new filter.

These pans only have one drain/fill port. The service manual has you remove the drain plug, drain out about a quart before it stops, then take a punch and try and knock this port out of the pan, allowing the rest of the fluid to drain. To me, that means someone is taking a shower in ATF fluid, and it’s ain’t gonna be me 🙂 I do the old school loosen the pan and drain the fluid out as you take the pan down. The idea of that green plug is that when you shoot the new fluid up through that drain port, the pan is able to hold the fluid in much bigger quantities before it flows over the top of the green port and out the drain plug.

And back together. This GL is ready for race season!

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