MB R350 Airbag Replacement

Had this little R350 in this week for some rear airbag replacements. Blown rear airbags is extremely common on the MB vehicles, but don’t fear, it is a super simple job to replace them! Anyone with basic mechanical skills and general automotive knowledge on safely lifting and supporting a vehicle can change these out in minutes!

First lift and support the vehicle so the rear axle is hanging off the ground. Pull the wheels off.

Next, since you told your wife this would be an all day project and that she would have to go to hobby lobby by herself, crack open that first beer. Make sure the rest of the 6 pack is on ice.

So here we have a blown airbag causing the car to sag. Ok actually this is an almost perfectly good bag with a minor defect for picture purposes only. There is one air line to disconnect on the inside/top of the bag. Slowly unscrew it (if the bag is pressurized, do this slowly) and let the air out. Even if you unscrew it fast, it will just blow the line out quick, and scare you a little. You will likely knock over your beer while screaming like a little girl for no reason, so go ahead and crack open that 2nd beer.

The replacement bags from Arnott. A really nice quality replacement. Always replace in pairs! I also hear their warranty replacement is pretty good!

Once the line is disconnected from the bag, simply pull down on the bag from the top to pull if off it’s little retaining clip and wiggle the bag out of the car. You can crush and squeeze it as needed to clear the suspension. Job well done, crack open that next beer.

Next, slide the new bag into place, click it into the new upper retainer included with the new bags, push the air line into the bag until it stops. While having your last beer (I know what you are thinking….where did those other two beers go?), repeat the process on the other side. It will be faster this time. Next, slowly lower the car down making sure the bottom mount centers in it’s hole like it should. Once everything is down, have another beer. Then hit the key and watch the new bags inflate! Job well done. Now go take a nap. You’ve earned it! Ok a small disclaimer, I had to help my buddy Stan replace the bags this week after a little mishap due to some really bad instructions from the MFG, lol. It’s all in good fun 🙂

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