M gets new brakes

Mar 21 2011 porschedoc BMW 2 Comments

Finally got around to putting on the brakes on M the other day. They have been sitting in the basement now for a few months, so with the nice weather, I took the time to get them installed.

Up and ready to go.

Old brake rotors were pretty lipped. They were starting to show heat spots near the fins, so told me they were pretty thin.

The fronts still had a few miles left in them, but not much. Interestingly enough, with a Porsche, when you trip the brake sensor light, you still have a while on the pads before needing to change them. These pads had not tripped a light yet, and looking at the sensor, when that light goes, you had better drive straight to the shop.

The M is a huge disappointment in the braking department after being around Porsche brakes for so long. The solution was new OEM rotors and EBC yellowstuff brake pads. I have run the yellows on the 951 track car for years and have always liked their stopping power.

Everything back together up front.

And in the rears, the procedure was the same. These pads were thinner than the fronts….and still hadn’t triggered the brake light.

The braking power is a huge improvement over stock with the new EBC pads. She might be able to stop on the track now, lol.


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David Lessmann

March 22, 2011 at 12:13 PM

Do you follow any sort of procedure for bedding in the brakes, or are they good to go?


March 22, 2011 at 12:16 PM

They have bedding compound on the pads, but I always follow the same bedding procedure.

Drive for 2-300 yard with the brake dragging, let off and cool down for a few hundred yards. Repeat, cool down. Then do various hard stops (hard but without activating ABS) from 25-50mph.

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