LSx Tinkering Porsche 944 RennsportKC

More tinkering.

Finishing up the fuel system in the rear, but not much to show at this point.

After talking with Todd, I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me to remove the extra spacer from the weltmeister sway bars, so I knocked that out tonight. A trip to the hardware store for some shorter bolts (weltmeister…….uses standard hardware…go figure), and that was taking care of. I did add some longer allen bolts and spacers to keep the system level as possible with the frame. And yes, I see the paint error that got missed. Will have to spray the bottom of the frame rail before putting too much more back on.

Threw a temporary rear hatch on for the time being until I can find the time to build a lexan hatch. Kind of having to pick and choose my battles in order of importance right now.

Finally sourced an LS6 intake and installed that tonight.

Also built an L bracket brace for the clutch master like I have done in the past on many cars. It is simple and works. Clutch pedal is a heavy bugger with the SPEC stage II, and I’ve adjusted the spring which made it better. My car has always had a slightly heavier pedal than the ton of other 944’s I’ve worked on have had. In the long run might put a stock pressure plate in eventually.

I’ve got a bar for the brake master at the shop, I just need to bring it home and install in on the brake bracket. I will run it straight to one of the camber plate mounting bolts, swapping the bolt out for a longer one to accept the adjustable rod.

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