LSx Progress: Remote Oil Filter Alternator Wiring Rennsport Kansas City

70 degrees in KC! Woohooo! After getting back from a great weekend at Renntreffen with the KCWS, Sunday afternoon was spent in the garage 🙂

Got the coil packs mounted, though I still need to tweak the holes on the passenger side so it sits evenly. But I found out they will fit none the less. I will also have to tweak the firewall coil on the driver side to clear the master cylinder setup, but that shouldn’t be too bad.

Mounted up the remote oil filter and lines. The lines are still loose as I need to run some heat shielding over them as the headers are pretty close to the lines and I don’t want to overheat any oil.

It looks low, but once the radiator and splitter are in place it will show a lot more clearance. I will put in some mesh screen on that side of the bumper to shield the filter for any rocks, etc that might make it’s way through the bumper grill.

And the low mount alternator and idler pulley installed. Looks like it will work out just fine. Need to track down my tensioner unit, slap that on, then find a belt that fits.

Then it was time for wiring 🙂 Not much in the back to wire. 2 wires to the fuel pump, 3 to the speedo, brake light, left and right turn signals, and likely will run wires for taillights for some stupid reason. Occasionally running track events in the rain it is good for people to see your taillights. Next I’ll pick up some sheething and run these wires to a large connector under the dash, and then branch out to the various components/switches/fuse panel from there. Since I didn’t have my wiring diagrams handy…Todd…….I used the power probe 3 to apply 12v to the wires to make sure I had power and ground to the correct components.

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September 10, 2012 at 1:07 AM

The new heart looks good!

Cheryl Burney

September 11, 2012 at 4:34 PM

Just catching up with progress on the Dragon! Wow!! Yahoo!!!

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