LSX Near Completion RennsportKC

Well I have about 250-300 miles on the car now, trying to shake it down before it’s first track event this coming weekend. It has been running flawlessly, I guess so far so good. You never know how many kinks are you are going to have to work out on builds like this.

Since the cooling system has been working well, I needed to go back and start securing lines, etc. I had to shorten this hose as I felt it was a little too close to the frame for comfort.

Once I build my ducting work for the radiator, the upper hose will attach to that metal work. With everything rerouted, I flushed the coolant out and converted to straight water/water wetter for the season.

And new FIA harnesses installed.

And the rest of the cage installed for the upcoming track events. Since it installs/removes so quickly, I keep the front half of the care removed for street driving.

Then this morning I built the quick release window net system. I built both bars to be spring loaded quick release style so I can easily remove the net when the front half of the cage comes out for street driving.

Some metal tubing, rod, washers, and a couple of springs is about all you need. Small gussets with holes were welded to the cage for the assemblies to insert into.

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April 21, 2013 at 9:20 PM

Nice work!
So the “Launch Party” is after the first track event?


April 22, 2013 at 7:08 AM

Will they be any charity rides given in this? 🙂

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