KCRPCA Club Race at Heartland Park

Finally recovering from a long couple of days last weekend.  We had a very successful weekend, the weather was great, the turnout was good, and though there was some damage to sheetmetal, everyone went home safe.

From a Saturday session.  (working on more videos, but youtube not only kills the video quality, but also limits the length to 10 minutes, so i have some editing to do)



The sign says it all…..

Some of the GT class going at it……

Congrats to Joel on his 2nd place finish in one of the SP1 races.

And trying to keep the pumpkin off my butt…..

Chasing my buddy Brian into turn 11

Not everyone went away with clean sheetmetal.  Luckily the driver was ok.  The quick response from the corner workers and ambulance crew was incredible.

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