Johnny 5 comes home

Went down to storage on Friday to bring back a track car for the season. Since the LSx project is unfinished, and the M3 is now with it’s new owner, I need a car to drive! And what a great car it is! Last year the clutch came apart on me at HPT, so on the schedule is a clutch job, fluids change, and a better set of shoes. Poor thing has been sitting in the corner since the clutch went. That is going to be taken care of as well as putting it on a diet.

Up in the air and ready to go!

Transmission out of the way.

And clutch assembly removed. The S2’s are notorious for brake the splined hub apart from the clutch disc as the tabs that connect the two are very thin. I had replaced the clutch in this car a few years ago at Imagine Auto when it suffered the same fate.

Sucks….disc material was essentially brand new. Not uncommon though.

The solution……a solid puck disc.

Oh yea.

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