Jeep JK Upgrades

Wes just finished up a project for a customer on his brand new Jeep JK Wrangler. Driven pretty much straight from the dealer to the shop for upgrades!

134 miles on the clock 🙂

First thing to do was to get rid of those stock tires. Itty bitty.

And replace with something more suitable!

In order to fit the wheels, 2″ spring spacers and longer shocks were installed as well!

Here you can see the spring spacer on top of the spring, which raises the body up 2 inches allowing for more clearance for the larger wheels and tires.

Tackling the front. You have to notch the holes out for adjustable caster bolts, which took quite awhile.

Longer shocks installed.

Same in the rear.

And a big difference from before! Should make a great driver now!

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