Introducing The New Shop Apprentice

A couple weeks ago after racing at MAM, we came home via a trip to the breeder. We had planned to get a new puppy in September from the same breeder we got Tia from, but the dog we were breeding now has Diabetes that got so bad she had to be put down 🙁 Her name was Jäger. So we found another breeder north of KC and went to check them out on the way home. Hint: Don’t go meet a breeder who has puppies and expect to not come home with one 🙂

After looking and playing with a lot of dogs, this 6 week old little girl was very scared but found the courage to come out from under the chair and climb in my lap and go to sleep. That was the temperament we were looking for, pretty cool when the dog chooses you.

We threw her in the truck, and headed home. Tia didn’t even know what had a new addition for about 50 miles. We went through a heck of a hail storm on the way home, but made it safe and sound.

After much deliberation, we decided to name her Jäger. She will be a good little hunter and crew chief assistant. Probably won’t be able to sit on the desk for long. Our 12 year old Akita is about 90lbs, Jäger will be just as big.

She is a happy little dog that loves people and kids. We are getting her well trained around the cars as well as she is spending days at the shop while potty training. She has already had her first track day at HPT.

And she loves riding in cars 🙂

She loves big dog Tia as well. Tia tolerates her, lol.

It’s hard work being a puppy.

Even got to commute home in the race car one evening.

Three states under her belt. She went down to Springfield on Monday with me to do a PPI on an 89 speedster, and down to OK City on Friday to pick up parts.

Hard work being so pretty. Everyone loves a fuzzy puppy.

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