HPDE Prep: Nissan GTR

This highly modified GTR is owned by a friend of mine who has been having trouble keeping it running through the weekend at the track. Anytime you push a car to it’s limits in regards to power, reliability suffers if not properly maintained. We started a new program with this car to inspect after every track weekend, identify any obvious weaknesses and correct them. Hopefully this will help to ensure the car runs smoothly at the events.

This car was one of the reasons the asphalt slab had to go. Ground clearance.

Front bumper removed with the quick zues fasteners.

And up in the air on the lift.

First thing to do was to drain the oil and change the filter. Cheap insurance. 0-50 for this track car.

And new oil and filter in place.

Then I needed to reconnect the cooling hoses to the transaxle which they had previously bypassed for some reason.

And then it was on to the transaxle fluid. The last HPDE at Hastings ended prematurely when a cooling line melted on the exhaust and spewed trans fluid everywhere. The dealer had repaired it and topped it off with new fluid, but we wanted to get the oem fluid out and something more suitable for the track in.

Old fluid coming out.

And filling up with new fluid through the easy port. Once that was overflowing, then I fill from the standard port on the front of the transaxle.


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