Honda Mini Trail 70 #4

Dec 21 2014 porschedoc CT70 2 Comments

Thought I was done with these, but people keep wanting them, so we keep building them, lol. A buddy of mine wanted to buy my orange bike, which I just don’t know if it will ever be for sale, so we decided to do the next best thing, build another one for him 🙂 Luckily we had 1 more spare chassis laying around, along with a spare motor, so I started putting things together.

This is how this little bike was found minus the motor. I can’t remember what state the engine was on this bike, as the motors typically get pulled and set on the shelf, then I forget what goes to what, lol. The frame was in pretty rough shape, so it underwent a bit of body work before being ready for paint.

Valerie did the entire teardown of this bike last year while I was racing up at Hastings. Note….that isn’t my shoe in the picture, lol. Oddly enough, now that I see this picture, I also see the plastic gas tank laying on the floor which I still have not been able to find. Luckily I found a replacement on ebay. I never know what comes with what as most bikes we buy are incomplete, but I could have swore this bike came with a tank……

Coming apart.

Give Valerie power tools and it doesn’t matter how much rust is on the bike.

And good taste 🙂 Dupont YS019 along with satin black powdercoated pieces.

And assembling parts. While this bike looked really rough, the odometer only reads 794 miles or so. Was a pretty low mileage bike, not that it matters.

The last motor we had on the shelf was completely seized up. The carb had been removed and water was allowed to get down into the intake valves and cylinder, seizing the piston in the cylinder. I had to beat it out with a hammer. Here you can see the valve side of the head. She has been filled with water for awhile, lol. Use this part? Nah, clean it up and put it on the shelf for spares, we have bigger plans.

And the cylinder. No shiny cylinders with this old girl. The good news is that once I got the cylinder off the motor, the rest of the engine spun freely. The oil in the motor looked like it had been run in a diesel engine it was so black, but after some cleaning, everything looks shiny and smooth on the bottom end. Piston is junk, cylinder can possibly be cleaned up, though not for this project 😉

I’ll wait until the rest of the parts show up to reveal the course for this project, but after cleaning up the motor, it was time to pull the clutch assembly off (This is a 3 speed semi-auto)

And also removed from this picture under the clutch is the old oil pump. See ya. Time for a high volume pump.

The oiling port to the top end needs to be drilled out to a slightly larger size for the high volume pump. You can see the port next to the left lower headstud.

A pile of parts as things come apart.

And everything cleaned up nicely. Headstuds were removed so I could clean all the gasket surfaces, etc, then reinstalled.

And a little primer on the clutch cover to start cleaning that up. Hopefully the rest of the parts for the motor will show up before xmas.

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December 22, 2014 at 8:24 AM

Way to go Valerie!! Oh yeah, and Karl!! ???? Love the mini bikes

Lin Burney

December 22, 2014 at 8:35 AM

Now are you ready to tackle a one owner ’72 750?

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