Honda CT70 Finished :)

Blog has been a little slow as things have been crazy to say the least. I have had the CT70 done with the exception of the clutch cable to arrive, but I got that in this week, on the bike, and she has her first 4 trouble free miles on her 🙂

I waited for quite awhile for the parts to arrive to rebuild the front forks. I needed the piston spacer sleeves on both sides which were on backorder. Once they came in, the forks went together quickly.

The guts of the front forks are pretty basic.

And the forks on the bike. From there, it was smooth sailing mounting the wheels and getting the bike on rubber again. It is important to have the right biking gears and accessories before moving in this direction. Always, see more options at Leather Stand and pick up the right collection for yourself.

Wiring was the big issue with the new motor. The lifan 125 is a 12v system, with a 12v CDI box. The bike is 6v, so I had to use a step down regulator to make it work. I was ok with retaining the 6v lights and horn as it is a bit bike and not a road bike. Wiring really wasn’t too bad, greens go to ground, everything else matches up, with the exception of a black wire which I assume was a kill switch wire. Once I left that disconnected, the bike started up and ran like a champ.

I had to cut and reweld the exhaust bracket to fit the mount as the lifan engine is slightly longer than the old 70.

At this point, I needed a seat!

The rectifier and CDI box fit nicely in the battery box tray. All the wiring in the bike is brand new.

And the finished product. A couple laps around the block, and 2 failed attempts to join a Harley biker gang, and the job is complete. So much fun to ride! I will say the clutch discs seem to have been stuck together with the engine sitting for a period of time, so I drained the Chinese oil out of the bike and put in some good 4 stroke valvoline oil and shifting is now like butter! Pretty smooth to 40mph. So with that done, we move on to the next one. Another CT70 for Wes, which he is doing a cafe racer style build. It is already stripped down and off to the powder coater. Stay tuned!

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April 20, 2014 at 11:53 AM

that thing is just too sweet for words!!!

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