High Plains Raceway PCA Club Race

Early Thursday morning we loaded up and started the 8 hour trip to High Plains Raceway outside of Denver for the Porsche Club Race. HPR is about 60 miles east of Denver right outside the middle of nowhere. Imagine Dances With Wolves……plop a race track right in the middle of it, and there you go. Bison, Antelope, Deer, Prairie Dogs, you name it, HPR has it. The 15 turn track is 2.55 miles in length, and has about 70 feet of elevation change, making it a ton of fun.

We pulled in about 3pm Thursday afternoon, unloaded the cars, set up our area, and then headed into Denver for the night. While there are some um…accommodations in Byers 16 miles away, just head to the airport area for a hotel, lol.

Friday morning we were back at the track bright and early and ready to run a day of test and tune. We shook down the C4 race car with zero issues while learning the track. Saturday morning back at it again, practice, practice, practice, fun race, and hour long enduro. Again, the car ran flawlessly, and the guys did well in the enduro. Sunday morning we arrived at the track bright and early (seems to be a theme here), ran a practice session, qualifying, and then the 1st sprint race. During qualifying, we had a fan belt break on the C4. Luckily our buddy Kai had a spare, so I went about getting that replaced before the race. Unfortunately, not having my special short triple square bit with me, meant I had to do a partial drop of the motor so I could get my longer bit on the fan pulley. No problem, with a half hour or so we were up and running. Finished well in the 1st sprint race, then decided to skip the last race and head for home. Long weekend, and a long drive home. The end of 3 long weekends, means at least a couple of weekends off…..

Unfortunately, I did not bring the track photographer, or the track dog along, so my little camera doesn’t show the best pictures.

Friday morning, the pits start to fill up.

End of the back straight coming into turn one. In the background you can see the front straight.

Coming up the steep hill from turn 11. Full throttle through 2nd and 3rd gears, into a hard breaking zone and a left hander.

Coming through that left hander, down into the corkscrew.

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