Hallett PCA Mayfast DE

Last weekend we spent at Hallett Raceway down in Oklahoma.  Had a blast.  Had some rain on Saturday, but Sunday turned out to be a great day.  The usual antics followed.

Most of the crew.  Where is Anker?  Thanks to Bob for the pictures, lol!

After getting those dang St Louis guys out of our garage.  Maybe we accidentally kicked Anker out with them?

Wes flew to Dallas to pick up a new S2, then drove straight to the track.  Swapped in pads and hoosiers, and….well the bellhousing broke, lol.  The motor is going to find it’s way into the #58 brumos car.  Oddly enough we seem to be missing someone…….

Lance the wonderdog enjoying the previous nights supper!  And….still no Anker.  Lance swears he didn’t eat those Z06 keys……..

And….Bob W. and the pumpkin eating some 996TT’s (go pro hero camera)


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