Hallett Mayfast and Hallett Test and Tune

Last week the gang headed down to Hallett for the PCA Mayfast event. Friday we rented the track out for 10-12 of us, and spent a beautiful day on track. Saturday was the complete opposite, cold and rainy. Sunday was a little of both. Either way, we had a fantastic time. After coming back on Sunday, a few days in the shop, then back down for a private test and tune day on Thursday with the Honey Badger. Everything went smoothly and as planned!

Oh, I forgot to mention. As we were leaving KC for Hallett on Thursday night before Mayfast, we were hit with a blizzard. Last accumulative snow in May in KC was 1907!

But, by the time we got to Hallett, the weather was good! We had a great mix of cars on track Friday.

With Friday being pretty laid back, I hopped into the passenger seat, and Val took a few sessions in the Dragon 🙂

Some Valerie video…..

But….by Saturday, it was cold and wet. Even the dog was snuggled in to stay warm.

And Valerie put on a spare driving suit just to stay warm!

Then the following Thursday, we were back 🙂

Mike’s first time back at Hallett in about 18 years!

And got to meet Ron Wilcox and his Formula Atlantic! Amazingly fast car powered by a 1600 Toyota motor. Capable of sub 110’s at Hallett. That is unbelievably fast.

And another really nice early 911 RSR conversion by John James Racing, driven by Brian Pettey.

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