GT3 Steering Wheel and Traqmate

Took some time today to install the GT3 steering wheel, shifter, and traqmate today since the weather is crappy.

A lot of people have trouble getting the airbag out of the 997 steering wheel for some reason.  It is actually very easy.  The factory manual tells you to turn the wheel 90 degrees, stick a T30 long torx in the hole at the bottom of the steering wheel (well, 90 degrees from bottom with the wheel turned) to release the mechanism.  To me this is a little more difficult for some reason, so instead, with the wheel straight, I insert a T handle 5mm allen into the hole, push up, and the bag will release.  The picture below shows you the wire mechanism you are pushing up on to release the airbag.


Chase cam installed.  I am hoping we are able to get longer wires so I can route them differently and hide all the wires.  This is a temporary solution for the track in 2 weeks.  The actual traqmate unit is mounted underneath the trunk cubby where the wires are running.

For now the display unit is mounted on a suction cup on the windshield.  I would like to find a vent clip instead to get everything off the windshield.  The camera is on the passenger side for now, similar setup, and will be mounted to the rollbar once we get a bar that fits together properly.

An X in the lone rubber plug and you can run the wires inside.

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