GT3 Prep

Went and picked up the GT3 this afternoon to get it ready for the season. 70 degrees in February (a welcome sight this time of the year in Kansas), sunroof open in the M3 on the way over, and windows down with the GT3 on the way back. Life is good!

Battery was flatter than could be, so I had to charge it for about an hour before it would start. A slow 10amp charge tonight should hopefully bring it back to life.

First things first, push it out of it’s cave, and get the GT3 seats and harnesses back in the car.

And poof….the scenery changes! Magic!

Notice….the broken mirror (rock break upper right hand corner…how you might think? ssseeecret)…..objects are closer than they appear.

Factory replacement mirror……I guess objects are not closer than they appear anymore, lol.

mmmmm to the good stuff. The front brake rotors were cracked pretty bad, a few out to the edges of the rotors, so it was time to install our Deman Motorsports slotted rotors.

So up on the lift it goes.

Kind of backwards here, spreading the pads

And taking pressure off the spring plate so the center pin can be removed.

New pads and rotors installed. The rears are still in good shape with enough pad remaining for a few more weekends, so we will change those at a later date.

Mmmm pretty.

After that it was time to bleed the brakes. In the next day or two, I will get the oil changed, and inspect the entire car for the track season.

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