GT3 Brake Bleed, Oil Change, and Rear Wheel Stud Replacement

Knocked out some work last night on the GT3.  Got the mounting parts ordered for the rollbar, so waiting for those to come in before I can start the seat and rollbar install.

Changed out the oil, and bled the brakes with some fresh Motul fluid.

Then it was off to fix a fairly common problem.  I am seeing more of this happen with the invention of cordless impact drills used at the track.  The problem, is that you can’t just buzz the nuts on with the gun, without hand starting the threads.  If you attempt this, you are going to strip the wheel studs/bolts.  So lesson:  Make sure to start the threads by hand, then you can carefully run the nuts down against the wheel with the impact gun (leaving them loose so you can properly torque with the torque wrench).  Don’t be in a hurry, it gets expensive if you are.

New studs should be here Friday.

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