GMG Rollbar Install

Well we finally got the rollbar replacement in, and after checking fitment of the 2 pieces, we got about installing it.  There are a couple of tricks to installing the bar:

1st:  Install the rear section, leaving the nuts loose

2nd:  Install the front section, and install the lower mounts first before attempting to connect the two pieces.

3rd:  Connect the 2 pieces of the rollbar.  You can shift the front bar side to side by tightening or loosening the lower mounting bolts enough to get the 2 halves to line up.  Once all your bolts are started, then you can tighten everything down.

Once the bar was in, we reinstalled the driver’s seat and installed the harnesses to the driver’s spec.

In the next day or two, I will finish putting in the rear carpet piece, install the passenger seat and harness, mount the track on the rollbar, install the pagid brake pads (orange front/black rear), and load it on the trailer!

911 Turbo997TTGMGPorsche

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