Gemballa 996TT

Brought in a freind’s Gemballa 996TT for some maintenance 🙂 Never mind the skinny minny wheels on the car, they were only there for the track, lol.  If you haven’t read about Uwe Gemballa, he was found after many months in South Africa dead.  Turns out he was in bed with the wrong people.  Note to self….don’t steal a million bucks from the Russians and skip town. 

Oil Change….rag stops any mess when removing the filter 🙂

Anddddd another stiff clutch pedal = bad clutch accumulator. Due to the position/rotation of the accumulator, I had to employ a modified special tool KWP920121.b2

Waaaay up there sits the accumulator

And out…..

Next up was to pull the air filter and clean it.

K&N Filter….the silent MAF killer. Replaced the blown maf while I had it out.

Wait…daddy….why is the bad man taking the car apart????

Torin Jack Stands 🙂

Well son, because the car sounds like a Miata with a stock exhaust…. (Note, it is absoultely not necessary to remove the bumper to swap the exhaust….but I had other things in mind)

Old exhaust out. If anyone needs an anchor for their boat, let me know. You probably don’t need anything this heavy, but maybe it could be cut in two, lol….unless you own a battleship.

The way the car was running, I had a feeling I should inspect the spark plugs.

And I am glad I did. The #4 plug electrode was mashed in to the center of the plug.

Notice the difference.

And after the track event, it was time to bleed the brakes.

And test out a new brake pad tool. Didn’t need to do the pads, but thought I would try out this fancy pad spreader.

Turns out it needs a slightly longer pin to acheive a full spread of the pads. A quick modification, and this tool is a heck of a time saver.

Stay tuned……

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