Fleet Maintenance Day

Following along with oil change day, since this afternoon was so nice, I decided I had better get caught up on my own vehicles!

I started off with the tow monster (MiniMoo) and got the oil changed first. While she fits on the lift no problem, it really isn’t needed for the oil change. I just pulled it in to get out of that south wind we had blowing like crazy.

Simple drain, filter, and 6 quarts of new oil.

Then I decided it was time to change the spark plugs which have been sitting on my workbench since….ohhhh October. I knew they were really past due. Ok, I am a bad man, I should probably be on about the 3rd set of plugs by now. The boots are a real BEAR to get off. Plenty of access, they just stick to the old plugs really hard. This source proved very helpful.

Look at that gap!

Man, I feel like I kicked my dog or something, I can’t beleive I let it go this long.

After I got that knocked out, it was time for Squeaks to get it’s oil change.

Going into the winter months, I had completely gone through the cooling system with new hoses, flush, thermostat, and waterpump as preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, about half way through the cold season, the darn waterpump started leaking ever so slightly. Luckily the 12 month warranty on the part came in handy, and I went and swapped it out today. I still can’t figure out how it was leaking, the seal looked decent, and it wasn’t from the bearing. Hopefully that will take care of the issue!

Hopefully soon I will get a chance to throw the new brake rotors and track pads on the M3 that have been sitting in the basement for a few months, lol.

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