Final Dragon Maintenance (hopefully)

Needed to take care of a couple of nagging issues on the Dragon before she finds a new home, and I had a couple spare hours this morning, so I decided to tear it apart spur of the moment.  One was a tiny weep from the rear main seal that has been bugging me for a few months.  On occasion you will get a bad RMS from the supplier and it will leak, which is the case here.  It wasn’t a big deal, but enough to bug me.  The other issue was a noisy differential bearing on the passenger side.  This is a little more complicated, but it gave me a chance to kill two birds with one stone.

This is post tear down, pardon the mess, lol.

Transaxle out of the car and disassembled.

Driver side bearing race… great condition.

Gear assembly removed.

Passenger side diff cover with the bad bearing race

And the diff out of the tranny.  Note on the left, you will see the speedometer drive gear.  The bearings on the left and right (bad one) are the ones I will be replacing.

Parts all cleaned up and ready for reassembly.

And the pesky little RMS leak.   Parts should be here on Monday, then I can start reassembly.

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