Few more projects knocked out….

Yesterday I finished a 60k service on a 996 C2, which was pretty straightforward.  Plugs, filters, serpentine belt, and a lengthy inspection was involved.  Somehow I deleted all the pictures off my camera unfortunately, so I’ll have to provide some on a different vehicle in regards to the plug change, etc.


Today I needed to finish up a fuel rail install on the Dragon.  I had it torn apart which was making my garage and driveway access a little rougher with a non running car, so today I finished the install of the fuel rail, lines, and fuel pressure regulator.  The stock fuel rails are notorious for cracking and leaking, and having gone through a couple of rails with some various issues, I decided it was time to upgrade.  A leaking fuel rails is NOT what you want with these cars.  The aluminum fuel rail is a very nice piece of work from Dave at CEP (Custom Engineered Performance).  Without a doubt, the nicest rail I have seen for a 944.  Unlike some vendor’s rails, CEP’s has 4 mounting legs to secure the rail to both the intake and the cam tower, just as the stock rail is.  What I like is that is seems like it is a very low profile fuel rail.  You have a choice of running a manual fuel pressure regulator, or keeping your existing FPR using a saddle adapter.  I came up with a solution for mounting the saddle adapter, and will be building a nicer permanent mount in the near future using the current location.   Once I got the car running, I dropped the water out of the system, and filled with antifreeze for the winter months.  A new AC delete belt rounded off the maintenance for the time being.


And yes, the car is a mess from the last track event.  The strut braces clears the rail with tons of room, I just haven’t reinstalled it yet.





Next up, blacky the 951.  I am thinking SMT6 to fine tune the maf, boost controller, maybe hallow out the cat or install a cat bypass pipe, fix a few oil leaks and see what we have.  We might be looking at a turbo rebuild on the K27, but I’ll know more when I get in further…..stay tuned!

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Brian Gay

December 7, 2009 at 9:18 PM

2 Things, -It was a real offer to mod your bumper if you have it off. All you would need to do is provide a 2″ hole saw bit. They run about $15 at ace hardware and last about one bumper.
Secound- I have a SMT6 with software that came with all my used vitesse stuff I run on my car. I don’t feel the need to run it as my system is working decent without the fine tuning. I figured I would sell it, do you have any interest in it?
-Brian Gay

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