Few Misc. Projects

Knocked out a few misc. projects over the last couple days.  Lot of work this week and next with the club race/DE coming up, so it will be pretty busy for a couple of weeks.  Just got in a new diagnostic/service toy as well 🙂  All porsches from roughly 1989 (s2) to current vehicles.  Fun toy.

After diagnosing a bad turn signal switch on a 93 964 last weekend, I also knocked out some mud flaps for his daily driver Suburban.  We’ll see how to proceed on the turn signal switch, with the on board digital computer, the switch is anything but cheap……

After that was done, I got the rear brakes knocked out on my 2500HD tow rig.  If I meet the engineer that designed that setup, he won’t be able to stand up straight for awhile, lol.   Great initial design…..problem is the HD rear leaf springs get in the way of the top pad access bolt……I didn’t take pictures of that procedure because I would have probably thrown the camera against the wall, lol.

Couple things lined up for this week:

996TT Door Latch Assembly

928S4 HVAC diagnosis/repair

993TT Transaxle service, possible plugs and belts

996C4S Prep for DE

GT3 Prep for DE

And maybe get the dragon back in time to make the Club Race/DE.  Unfortunately my cage install got shoved back a week . Gonna be close!

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