EVT750 Comes Home

Last weekend was spent instructing with the NASA Central Region at MPH in Hastings. We had a blast, and I think the central region is on their way to being a great organization for race and HPDE in the area. Hastings is always a fun trip. The locals are supportive, the track is fun and in great shape, and the entire experience is great.

Blog has been a little slow over the last week or so. Little projects like oil changes; horn bushing plates (996); Lin, the master detailer, saving my ass on the M3 paint after taping on some numbers and removing them like a jackass; and such rolling through, nothing too interesting worth blabbing about. We head to Heartland Park this weekend for the Chump Car race which should be fun. 3-4 weeks of every day being over 100 degrees needs to stop though.

The Project 997TT came home tonight….well limped home (ok it wasn’t that bad, but wasn’t running in optimal form). Car was having some mysteriously fast days, then some slow days opposite of what it should have been in the heat. It was running better in the 100 degree heat, than at night when the temps dropped into the lower 90’s. That didn’t make sense. Angel ran a data log and we discovered the car was going lean and pulling timing. A shout to Todd Zuccone at EvoMS and he gave us some things to look at. First thing he said to do was to check the vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator as he has seen them come off. Some quick research with the other 997TT tuners and it became apparent that this is a prevalent issue on both stock and modified cars. So we took a look.

The FPR is stuck on the passenger fuel rail under the intake tube. You can reach around the passenger side of the tube and feel for the rubber L fitting and see if the hardline is connected to one end and the FPR nipple to the other. Ours was disconnected at the hard line.

Disconnecting the intake tube from the MAF housing on the airbox and you can peer in and see the rubber L. (Well you can if you take a good picture)

Really to fix it good, just yank the y pipe and the airbox out of the way. If you have the factory hard intake tubes, you might have to pull the other end off the turbo inlet to move it around enough. We have the EvoMS rubber intake tubes, so they are flexible enough to push out of the way. With it out of the way you can see my repair. The factory puts a clamp on the FPR end of the L boot, but not on the plastic line end. So I added one there. Oddly enough, the FPR end is loose enough to spin on the FPR, but it had not come off yet, so I left it be. If that end pops off, we will get a new rubber L, and use a dab of super glue on the fittings to keep them in place (Hairspray also works and is used on boost hoses alot, but a little harder to work with on a small fitting like this).

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August 4, 2011 at 6:55 AM

A big thank you for the excellent write up and pix. Mine seems ok, but will apply the “Doctors Rx” as soon as Poseracing can clear the shop backlog this weekend.


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