Even on Sunday!

Karl is always stuck with blogging duty so I thought I’d try and help out a little.



This is what we had when we closed the doors Saturday so I figured I’d come in Sunday and knock a little stuff out.

Doc Quinn’s 2001 Grand Cherokee daily driver dropped the passenger window.  Typical failure for these is the cable in the power regulator detaching at the attatchment point for the window lift.  So off with the door panel.

So somebody has been in here before and destroyed the insulating material in the door.  We have to fix that while we are in here or the Jeep will be dusty, drafty, and loud.

When the regulator is removed there is the problem we expected to find.  Cable in on the left, pulled out on the right, window falls and won’t come back up.

These are the three nuts that hold the motor in place.  Loosen those, disconnect the electrics, pop the two clips that hold the window and remove the four bolts for the track.  Take the window out the top and the regulator/motor out through the space in the door.

They had to use a ton of Duct tape to hold the darn thing up.  Fun to get that off!

Door all back together, window going up, Duct tape poised for the next Jeep repair.

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October 26, 2011 at 4:35 PM

Good job. I think you should do this more often.

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