Ending The Race Year

This last weekend we wrapped up the race season for the year and will starting sorting the cars out for next year. We had a couple great events to finish it off, including NASA @ KS Speedway, and WRL @ Hallett.

KS Speedway is always a fun event, I placed 1st in class (and 2nd overall in a 27 car field) in ST3 in the first race, but had to quite the 2nd race early when a tire started coming apart.

Also got the chance to drive the Elan Prototype car which is NASA’s newest creation for spec class racing. What a riot to drive, the G-forces and grip is unreal.

A full house.

Was able to set the ST3 track record for the speedway with the 944.

Photo by Kyle Yoder. Amazing photography.

Then it was off to Hallett with the Boxster and Car 54 for 16 hours of racing. We placed 2nd and 3rd in the Boxster, but 54 lost the pinion in the transmission with about 3 laps to go on Saturday. Boo. Wes, Kai, Kris, Bill, and Chris all ran great in the 2 cars. We weren’t as efficient as we normally are, but we all had a blast.

Getting the Boxster prepped early morning when it is quiet.

Boxster starting on pole in saturday’s race. 16 hours of beating the tar out of the car and she just kept going.

Aaron, Mike, and Myself.

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