Dragon comes back from KCRaceware

Just in the knick of time for the Club Race/DE.  Had Charlie and Jerry at KCRaceware weld in the cage for me.  I kept putting it off thinking I’d get around to doing it, but I have been so busy the last couple of months, I decided to let the pro’s do the install.  Jerry can really lay down some nice welds.  He did a hell of a job on the install 🙂

We started with a Safety Devices Bolt in Roll Cage (I removed the autopower last winter after seeing a bar punch through the floor pan on a car at Hallett after a rollover).  Now the main issue was the rear rollbar “fit like socks on a rooster” (copyright Stephen Kaspar, not to be reused without written authorization from the proper authorities).  The rear mounting point on the one side was significantly off.  After talking with Jerry, we decided to weld in some structural plates to the body, then weld the bar to the body.  Ok, since this part doesn’t need to come out.  For the front section though, I wanted the bars removable since I still drive this car on the street, and it is very dangerous to have a full cage without a helmet.  So, we welded in structural plates for the front bars, and then taped the holes for bolts for the bars.  He also welded shut a couple of bolt holes the previous owner had drilled for his harness mounts (without using a through sleeve) for safety reasons.

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