Donkey Completed

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It’s been a long couple of weeks of work on the Donkey, but it finally left on Saturday.  Usually the 25 year old cars require more time as parts are harder to get and take longer, but everything went smoothly.

Fuel injectors back from witchhunter cleaning service.  Fuel line kit from 928sRus.  No offense, but the fuel line kit consists of absolutely nothing special…..about 2 feet of 5/16″ fuel line, a foot of 3/8″ fuel line that i have no idea where it is suppose to go, #14/15 (5/16″ and 3/8″) fuel line hose clamps, and injector seals.  Stuff that you can get a lot cheaper at the auto parts store.  The fuel injector lines weren’t even cut correctly, some were 2″, some were 2 3/8″, some were 2 1/4″, no consistency.

And you need energy to work on cars.  Mt dew, Wisconsin cheese curds from RA, crackers, and home made pheasant jerky.  Mmmmmm.

New lines go on the fuel pressure regulators

And installed.

Fuel injectors installed on the rail.

And installed on the engine.

Getting there.  Getting the belt on the cams is a real bugger on the early cars.  When on top dead center, the cams want to roll off the mark due to pressure from the valve springs, so you have to keep the belt against the crank, over the driver’s side cam and keep tension on it so it doesn’t slip, then over the pump and idle roller, and onto the passenger cam.  Then hold the belt while you slide in the tensioner roller arm and get it lined up on the tensioner pin.  It will slip a few times on you until you finally get it.  Later years had 45 degree marks on the crank and cams so you could set everything at a position where the cams wanted to rest.

Timing belt tensioner rebuild with new oil and a new boot/clamp.

Getting it all back together.

And close.  Good idea to keep the top inspection covers off until you start the car so you can make sure the belt is tracking correctly, etc.

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