Dodge Challenger Hearthrob Exhaust Install

Had this 2011 Challenger come into the shop for a Hearthrob Cat-back exhaust install. It all went pretty smoothly, with the exception of the rear hangers which I think could have been designed much better.

The stock exhaust is a bit bulky to say the least

Front clamps are easy to remove, drop the exhaust from the hangers, and out of the car.

New exhaust ready to go in!

And the old exhaust out of the car.

First install the H pipe, then the mufflers.

Mufflers in the hangers.

And the rear hanger. The u clamp contraption that goes into this to hold the rear pipe in place is well…..

And the full exhaust installed. While it does have a little drone, you can actually hear the engine now and it sounds great driving around!

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