CT70 #4 Finished

I didn’t take many pictures of the build as I went beyond the initial motor and frame, but she is together and ready to go home. The 88cc motor rips pretty good. Since this motor was seized up and not running when I went into it, I wasn’t sure how it would run. Couldn’t get it running for the longest time due to a couple issues. Always go back to your basics, and that usually leads back to the points or point gap on these motors. I had spark, but even on ether, it wouldn’t start, only occasionally backfiring out the carb intake with some sweet flames. Since I had spark, I kept rechecking my timing and valve lash which was all good. Finally figured out the points weren’t opening far enough, which was throwing everything off. After replacing that, and a bad selenium rectifier for the electrical system, we have a really fun bike.

A big change from where it started to where it is now. This bike, while one of the roughest I have done, only has about 790 original miles on it 🙂

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