CT70 #4 Continued

The holidays sort of killed me on parts delivery, but was able to make a few things happen with what did show up!

Since the cylinder and head were essentially junk, we upgraded to a 88cc big bore kit 🙂 New piston, rings, complete cylinder head with race cam, and larger 20mm carb to feed it all.

Putting the head together. Cam and rocker arms installed and ready to go on the motor.

And installing the piston rings.

And then the piston installed on the connecting rod.

Cylinder in place 🙂

And it loosely bolted up for now.

And I got the clutch cover painted up, new kickstart lever seal installed and ready for installation on the motor. I had been waiting for the gasket kit for well over the a week due to the holidays, so that was my major holdup.

High volume oil pump is installed, and the clutch assembly is back in place. I need a couple of screws for the plate cover, so at a stopping point until later this week when I can get to the hardware store to get some new ones. One frustration of working on this at home is that I am dealing with my basic craftsman tool set rather than my snap on stuff. No better way to strip stubborn screws than with cheap tools….and they call it the professional line, bahaha.

Starting to look pretty. Good news is the rest of the bike is mostly together, but i haven’t taken pictures of it yet. Waiting on the triple tree to come back from the powdercoater as it got left out somehow, but should be able to pick that up in a few days.

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