Chumper brings home the win!

A couple of weeks ago we loaded up and headed to Hastings NE for 18 hours of chump car racing. After pulling the car out of storage after a year of sitting, we had a lot of major work to do which took a couple of weeks of prep. The initial outing at Autobahn raceway was not good, the guys lost a fuel pump and had some running issues that they could not figure out. Our outing to Hastings was much better!

Saturday we took 4th in the 12 hour race. We were on the hunt for 3rd and would have gotten it had Erik not been hit by another car, resulting in both cars coming into the pits to check for damage. That pit stop put us just out of reach of catching 3rd! Luckily there wasn’t any major damage other than a torn up sway bar mount which I was able to fix that night. Sunday we took the 1st place finish home in the 6 hour race. It is a heck of a win, as a Porsche has NEVER won a chump car race to date! We had great battles with our friends F1 1ab’s and Chump faces! All three teams were on the podium both days!

Chumpcar has greatly evolved since it started as a series to see whether you could build a cheap car to last a 24 hour endurance race. Now days, chump car is intense racing where teams come well prepared and don’t break. 1 unplanned pit stop will typically put you off the podium, and sometimes out of the top ten. The engineering that guys put in most of these cars is pretty amazing.

What we like most about the ChumpCar World Series (and World Racing League) is that truly is a team effort to participate, and a well run team effort to place well. Everyone has a job, from prepping the car, unloading gear, fueling, getting drivers in and out, cool suit water changed, tires changed, etc.

Making sure we haven’t forgotten anything for the morning green flag.

Checking oil during a pit stop.

Fueling and driver change.

End of the race impound. Cars must be placed on jackstands and all wheels pulled. Teams then have 30 minutes to inspect the cars and “protest” any illegal items they might find, etc. This could cost a team lap penalties, which might change their finishing position.

The winning team on Sunday! Myself, Mike Lyle, Al Hess, and Erik Peterson!

And the award ceremony. What a great weekend of intense racing. We love racing at Hastings as it is such a fun experience, and all the teams are welcomed with open arms by the staff and townsfolk. We love to support their track and their town!

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