Chumpcar 2014 Is Coming!

With the fast upcoming race season just around the corner, we are bustling to try and get the cars ready for the year. We will have 2 teams campaigning the old 944 and the BMW this year, so that will definitely keep us busy. Luckily the BMW is pretty much ready to go with the exception of general fluids/fire system, etc that needs to be done. The 944 needed some work after having most of the last 2 years off duty.

First thing to do was to peel all the decals off. New paint scheme is in the works.

Our biggest priority was weight….as in get rid of it so the little anemic engine has a chance. The rear tire well and heavy floor were ditched in place of a lighter aluminum floor.

As was a lot of the reinforcing to the fenders.

And wes did some hammer work and got our passenger side door opening again 🙂

Finished up replacing some gaskets and rod bearings…..

And started sanding down the car. We tipped the scales in full dress at just over 2300lbs.

New fire system nearly installed as required by the rules this year. Having seen how ineffective fire systems on when a car is on fire….number one concern….if the car is on fire, get the hell out of it and worry about the rest later.

Next up is to fix the clutch of which the disc shattered into a couple pieces at Brainerd. Once that is done, we are pretty much home free on this car.

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Russ D

January 23, 2014 at 4:16 PM

The 944 returns!!!

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