Chumpcage complete

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So after day 1 we still had a harness bar, sill brace, and door bars to go.  Here Richard is setting the level for the harness bar:

Working so fast his hands are a blur!

Door bars were a challenge.  Because of how tight the seat is inside the car, and how tall some of the members are, we had to get creative.  So the bottom bar is held as low in the door as possible, but it cannot be straight because the seat intrudes.  Add to that the fact that the seat must slide because of the height differences in the drivers.  So a simple angle beyond the sill into the door won’t work.  By the rules there must be 6 inches separation center to center on the bars.  So here is our solution:

Compound bends front and rear with an increased radius at the top bar where there is a little more space.  Now there is easy egress and the seat travels the full length of the race legal locking sliders.

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