Chump Car Results Are In!

Had a blast this weekend hanging out with good friends at the track. It was a brutally hot weekend, though we did have some rain (and even some slight hail) to cool us down a little.

17 or 18 teams started the race on Saturday, and by Sunday we were down to 7 cars in the last hour. The key to the chump car is not having the fastest laps out there (though that does help, lol), but more so run a consistent time and not over driving the car to the failure point. Some failures were repaired and the cars were running again, some ended the weekend for people. Peterson Motorsport (Chump Faces, Chump Races) were in 1st place on Saturday with about an hour to go, when a cooling hose blew and overheated the motor beyond the point of repair, which ended their weekend. Fine Sausage Racing blew a transaxle on Saturday, which they quickly swapped out and were back in action. Unfortunately, a later mechanical failure in the engine ruined their weekend. Lincoln Assasination had some running issues Saturday, and only had 1 gear to use on Sunday which did the engine in. Rusty Bucket Racing was running strong an in Contention Saturday when the headgasket and a host of other engine related issues took it down in the last 30 minutes or so. A rough day! Bob, Richard, Al, and Ned drove car 54 to a 3rd place finish on Saturday, sending the team to the Chumpianship 24 hour race in IA Labor Day Weekend! Sunday we had a shift linkage blow apart about 30 minutes into the race, which cost us about 45 minutes or 20 laps. The area was blazing hot and the broken linkage was seized to the transaxle which cost us about 30 minutes longer than it should have. But….we got back and running again. I did get some seat time on Sunday in car 54 which was an absolute blast! Unforutately, the lightning/rain/hail shut down my last stint, and looking at our current position and lap count once they resumed, we decided to not risk the car in the wet conditions and save it for Newton, so we loaded up and headed for home!

Top three Finishers Saturday:
The Danish Flash with their completely bone stock and not cammed V8 Mustang brought in the gold
Escort Service Providers with their escort wagon brought in the silver (very consistent team)
Car 54 with their Porsche 944 brought home the bronze!

Top three Finishers Sunday:
Tubby Butterman Racing in their BMW e36 brought in the gold
Escort Service Providers came in 2nd
The Danish Flash came in 3rd!

Even with the failures, I think everyone was having a lot of fun! Labor Day weekend we head for Newton!

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