Chump Car Prep

This week I started getting the Chump car ready for it’s first race in 2012 at Eagles Canyon. We have a bunch of stuff to take car of, and have also tried to get as much weight off the car as possible.

Last season the car had fuel cut out issues at the end of about 1.5 hour stints. We would only get about 10-12 gallons in the tank on refills, far less than it should take. So we need to try and figure this out. The car has had rear end damage in the past, and I think the tank has been replaced. First thing I wanted to do was to check the baffle system in the tank. Luckily….I can get my hand and arm inside the tank somehow…..getting it out is a little scary, but I haven’t failed yet, lol.

With the fuel sending unit removed, I started pulling out the pieces of it from the tank, lol.

And the multiple piece sending unit….note it shouldn’t be multiple pieces. The one rod was completely broken and loose from the unit, so I’m not sure if it was causing an issue with vapor/fueling or not.

Not sure what happened to this tranny, likely damaged in the rear end accident in it’s former life. This transmission has been pulled.

I couldn’t get one of the top bolts out the transaxle as it was backing out against the tank. So either our tank was hanging too low (which is likely since it is resting on the shock bolt), or the tranny was too high, lol. I finally got it out by lowering the crossmember.

Tranny out of the car.

Then it was time to do rod bearings as they have had quite a few hours on them. Dropping the front suspension and crossmember to get to the pan.

And inside the pan.

#2 rod bearings next to the new set of bearings.

Assembly lube on the new bearings, and back together she goes.

There was about a 1/4″ of sludge in the bottom of the pan, so I pulled the baffle out and cleaned everything up.

We also had a hint of a coolant leak at the end cap on the radiator, so we pulled that and replaced it with a new unit. If that had failed at the track, it would definitely end the weekend.

New radiator.

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