Chump Car Prep Week

Getting down to the wire with the race at Brainerd this coming weekend. My initial plan was to be prepping 1 car, but turns out I am prepping 2 as we are bringing a second team to the event! Should be a ton of fun. Gonna be a bit of a hell week trying to get everything accomplished, so saturday we got the cars out of storage, and I came in on Sunday to start prepping the 2nd car.

She ain’t pretty, but she is a hard runner. The chump car spirit is strong in this one. Rod bearings, new brakes, change fluids, etc and we are off and running.

Oil pan off to change out the rod bearings. Preventative maintenance every 30 hours or 2 race weekends for the 944.

New bearings ready to go in.

Some assembly lube, and the new bearings go in the engine.

While I was doing that, Mike came in and got the cave scum off the BMW, polished it up, and cleaned out. I guess our theme didn’t catch on with him. We don’t wash this car, we just keep putting stickers on it to cover up the dirt. Some quick maintenance for this one, and it will be ready to load.

Once it was cleaned out, I mounted the cool shirt cooler and controller in the car. Apparently we have a bunch of delicate flowers that will need to stay cool in the 70 degree weather 🙂 Should be able to have the air conditioning charged up in the BMW and ready so they can stay cool on track.

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